Yarn: 100% Wool
Yarn: 100% Wool
Yarn: 100% Wool

Yarn: 100% Wool

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Natural raised farm wool
Grown in our lush organic pastures
Spun at Green Mountain Spinnery
Weight: Worsted

Handyed at Nezinscot Farm using natural dyes.

4oz, 250 yds



Recommended knitting needle size, (mm) : US 4-5
Recommended crochet hook size (mm) : US F5
Wraps per inch: 15 WPI 

* 2 ply wool yarn

*Eco friendly, organic

*Suitable for crafts of all kinds Cultivating wool from sheep to shawl is a practice that we take pleasure in every day! We use only the most natural feeds, holistic medical care, and of course Love when raising our sheep. 

- Yarn will come in a lovely twisted skein or ready to use center pull balls

UPON REQUEST - This is very versatile yarn and you can knit , weave, OR crochet a variety fo things with this soft warm yarn- socks, hats, gloves, mittens, tapestries, shawls, wall hangings, sweaters , etc. - Suitable for all skill level crafters - If you are interested in specific colours, quantities or wool types please contact us - Shades might be a bit different as these yarns and woolens are handmade

TAKING CARE: We recommend handwashing only: soak for an 30 minutes in cool water with neutral liquid wool detergent do NOT agitate (prevent felting) and rinse cold, squeeze and pat dry - DO NOT WRING; dry flat on a towe