Pork Specialty Box

Our whole pork specialty box is a well-balanced assortment of all the classic pork cuts.  Chops, ribs, roasts, ground, ham, bacon, leaf lard, hocks, and several sausage flavors that will make any dish light up.

Pigs are raised on our farm in either open air pastures (summer-fall) or large loose house barns(winter months).  No hormones, antibiotics or additives added to their feed or given to the pigs.

  • No Shipping - Pick up Only***
  • Pre-order Box - Will be ready spring of  2021
  • $600 - $800Value
  • Includes chops, roasts, ground, sausage, ribs, bacon, ham, hocks and organ meats.  
  • 100 lbs of cuts
  • Easily fit in a small chest freezer.  

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