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Herbal Salves

Our salves offer relief for specific ailments/situations.  All of our salves start with infused herbal olive oils prepared on our farm from wild harvested and cultivated herbs which are then blended with our own (when available) and or local bees wax.

Most bottled in 2 oz glass amber jars with exception to the Brain Fogg, which is bottled in 4 oz amber glass jars.

Comfrey--sprain/strain/broken bone support-helps with overall repair.

Brain Fogg--Mind clarity

Cold Season-Neck and chest congestion

Headache- Helps soothe minor headaches-put at base of neck and temple

Bug Repelling--put around ankles, wrists, nape of neck when going on a hike or spending time outdoors.  Also great for pets.

Muscle/Joint Care--great for muscle and joint care due to overuse and strain.

Stomach-- Rub on belly  to bring comfort for mild stomach upset due to digestive issues.

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