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Infused Oils | Herbs and Flowers

Infused oils are created to be used as a topical medicine on ones skin. The plants properties are extracted during the 8 to 10 week infusion process, strained and bottled for use externally on skin.  No  matter the oil, a few drops is all that is needed when applied to specific areas in need of medicinal care. All of our herbs are either grown on the farm or wild harvested from  our 300 acre diversified organic dairy farm.  Any questions for use should be directed to

Ashwaghanda- 4 oz-$14
Anise Hyssop-8 oz  - $12.00

Oregano-4 oz- $12
Pine-4 oz-$10
Comfrey-4 oz- $14.00
Calendula-2 oz-$8
Lavender and Holy Basil-4 oz-$14
Rosemary-4 oz-$12
Turmeric-4 oz-$15

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