CSS: Community Supported Shepherding

What is CSS (Community Supported Shepherding)?
Have you ever wondered where your yarn, roving, or clothing comes from? A CSS subscription is an opportunity for knitters, crocheters, spinners, felters, dyers, and weavers to build a closer connection to their wool. By purchasing a share, you are supporting our fiber production from beginning to end: from raising our sheep, angora goats, angora rabbits, and alpaca, to the shearing, the processing at nearby cottage industry spinning mills, and the additional labor of Maine artisans. Additionally, we dedicate 10% of every share to our continuing education programs, so that the fiber arts (and the art of shepherding!) continue to grow and flourish in our community. Shareholders also receive access to farm tours deepening their connection to our fiber animals while supporting small, local Maine farmers.

Benefits of a Nezinscot Farm CSS include:
-Handpicked, handcrafted bundles of our organic biodynamic fiber, yarn, and extra goodies, delivered to your door. Choose between these options:
            1. Felter/Spinner
            2. Dyer
            3. Knitter/Crocheter  

-Exclusive monthly newsletter about our fiber animals, which includes videos, pictures, information about what our animals eat, how they are raised, and how their wool is processed.

-Tours of the North Farm, where our sheep, alpaca, and angora goats are raised.

-A voucher for one of our fiber workshops.

-Supporting local farmers and artisans!

-10% of your share goes towards our continuing education projects, including The Life of Wool and our apprenticeship program.


What is so special about our fiber?
Nezinscot is much more than a place where food is grown and made; it is a home. It is a place where children are raised, where community can gather, and where both body and mind can find nourishment. Respect for and understanding of this fact are crucial.

Every constituent of the farm—the land as well as the people, plants, and animals that live on the land—exists symbiotically and should grow together. It is this codependency that allows the farm to sustain itself and flourish. We hope that it serves as a model for interactions in life outside the farm in addition to within it.

Here at Nezinscot, we believe that the wool industry is more than just a business--it is a way of life, a way of thinking, an essential part of our history, and an art in itself. We prioritize sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices in our fiber farming, as we feel a responsibility for the health and future of our animals, our workers, our community, and our planet. Beyond functionality and practicality, we strive to preserve the art of fiber farming by offering opportunities for continuing education in the form of workshops, fiber retreats, and apprenticeships.

CSS Options:

Full Share: $450
One delivery/pick-up each month for twelve months (12 packages total).

Half Share: $225
One delivery/pick-up each month for six months (6 packages total).

Gift Share: $125
One delivery/pick-up each month for three months (3 packages total).

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