Yarn: Alpaca, Angora & Wool

Naturally raised farm wool: Beautiful Dary Gray, Alpaca, Angora & Wool blend yarn -Grown in our lush organic pastures -- Spun at Green Mountain Spinnery. 

Wool type: 70% Wool, 20% Alpaca, 10% Angora

Quantity: 260 yards

Weight: Worsted Recommended knitting needle size, (mm) : US 6-7 Recommended crochet hook size (mm) : US h-8
Wraps per inch: 12 WPI 

We use only the most natural feeds, holistic medical care, and of course Love when raising our sheep. We are very glad that you support Nezinscot farm and our mission to provide sustainable woolens, canned goods, and apothecary items with you through the art of farming:) - Yarn will come in a lovely twisted skein or ready to use center pull balls

UPON REQUEST - This is very versatile yarn and you can knit, weave, OR crochet a variety of things with this soft warm yarn- socks, hats, gloves, mittens, tapestries, shawls, wall hangings, sweaters , etc. - Suitable for all skill level crafters - If you are interested in specific colours, quantities or wool types please contact us - Shades might be a bit different as these yarns and woolens are handmade Angora Rabbits: Our angora rabbit fiber comes from a wide range of breed and colors. As angora fiber process we often are asked about the quality of care of our large herd of rabbits. We assure you that our angora rabbits are given the highest quality of feed, ranging from show quality rabbit feed, and organic hay is grown right here on the farm. Our angora rabbits are groomed and cared for on a weekly basis to ensure that their lives and your angora fiber is of the greatest quality. We love our angora rabbits, we love angora fiber, and we want you to be assured that all practices of angora fiber cultivation are humane and safe to all involved!

TAKING CARE: We recommend handwashing only: soak for 30 minutes in cool water with neutral liquid wool detergent do NOT agitate (prevent felting) and rinse cold, squeeze and pat dry - DO NOT WRING; dry flat on a towel

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